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We offer complete grounding applications, lightning protection, surge protection (home to industrial applications), cable trays, fasteners, networking cabinets, UPS, DC Power Plants, A/C for Computer room applications only to name a few.

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Reos Enterprises offers what we feel is the best ground testing equipment available in the market. Ground testing is essential at the beginning of a project to provide resistivity data for ground system design and at the end of the project to verify that the ground system meets the design criteria. Testing is also conducted as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program to ensure compliance throughout the life of the facility.

To perform a ground test, a dedicated ground tester, not a generalized ohmmeter or multimeter, is required. The instrument uses two precise measuring circuits (voltage and current) and combines the values through Ohm's Law to give the desired measurement (resistance). The two test circuits are established through the soil by strategic placement of probes, attached via leads to their respective terminals. The current terminal, lead, and probe set up a test current of a unique, square wave frequency, apart from the harmonics of utility power, through the soil to the ground under test. It is only this current that contributes to the measurement, leaving interfering transients out. Likewise, the voltage probe enables measurement of the drop over the soil to its critical point of placement. Both circuits are completed by connection of a second pair of terminals (or a common in the case of three-terminal testers) to the ground under test. For more information and pricing:


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